Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley

Announcement: Million Dollar Gift

Official Statement

September 24, 2020

The Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley is pleased to announce that the Cusumano Family has committed to a ONE MILLION DOLLAR GIFT to the Club for its Capital Campaign to purchase a new Main Clubhouse.


"We are excited that the Cusumano Family saw the intrinsic value of the Salvation Army building in Burbank and concurred with our belief that it is perfectly suited to become the home of our new Main Club House", said Board Chair of the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and GEV, Paul Herman.


"The Cusumano Family becomes the latest major donor for this endeavor," said CEO Shanna Warren. "The family has been staunch supporters of the Club since our inception 25 years ago and has always recognized the service we provide in our community. I am both thrilled and humbled by their continued support."


The search to find a new Main Clubhouse has taken more than a decade. While perfectly adequate 25 years ago, when the Club served a total of 75 members, now more than 200 members and 70 employees walked through our Main Clubhouse doors. When the Salvation Army building became available, the board of directors decided that purchasing the $5.3 million building would be more economically advantageous than building from the ground up, which was the original plan in 2018.


"On behalf of our family, we are pleased to be able to continue our support for The Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley", said Charles Cusumano, "and are especially excited about being a part of the effort to secure this new Main Club House in Downtown Burbank which will allow the Club to extend its mission of providing critical resources to the youth of our community."


The Club is currently in escrow with plans to move into the space in the first quarter of 2021. "The space is almost twice the size of the current Main Clubhouse. "To say were excited to finally have an indoor gymnasium, dance and art studios, a STEAM lab, and


industrial kitchen, a dedicated teen space, a beautiful outdoor courtyard, an auditorium, separate executive office space and parking, is an understatement," added Warren. 


"More than $3 million has been secured for the purchase and renovations of the new building," said Herman, "Our Capital Campaign has officially moved from its quiet phase to the public phase." 


"It is so gratifying to know we will finally have a Main Clubhouse that can grow and change to meet the needs of generations of club members for years to come", said Warren. "The youth of our community deserve nothing less."

Contact: Susan Sebastian, Director of Development

 (818) 842-9333 X14


2244 N. Buena Vista Street s Burbank, CA 91504


Join Linda Walmsley, Barry Sarna and Sharon Draper 

Senior Citizens in support of Paul Herman, 

our candidate for Burbank City Council 


Aug 24, 2020 

Paul is the one candidate who is: 

  • Able to make the right decisions with our city finances that will safeguard the senior programs that give us the quality of life we need to maintain our independence as we age 


  • Qualified to bring more affordable senior housing to Burbank by creating greater incentives for smart growth opportunities in our community. He will not let outside interests control Burbank 


  • Capable of working with all stakeholders to help our city recover from the social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic by keeping the city services (police, fire, paramedics, parks, and libraries) senior citizens value and use as strong as possible moving forward. 





Senior Citizens Press Release.PDF

Burbank Rent Control Initiative, Ballot Measure RC 

Official Statement 


Aug 15, 2020 

I am the strongest supporter of affordable housing there is. I have been a proponent since moving my family to Burbank over a decade ago. And amidst this pandemic, we need it now more than ever. 

But the proposed rent control ballot initiative (Ballot Measure RC) is bad news for renters and for Burbank. Outside interest groups are pushing this initiative, which seeks to tear apart our City government by creating an unaccountable rent control board. This rent control board would not answer to our City Council or our City Manager and has the power to tax and prosecute our residents. We need affordable housing, but this measure is corrupt and deficient. 

  • Don’t let outside interest groups control Burbank! 

  • Don’t create an autonomous and unaccountable rent control board! 

  • Don’t increase rents! 

  • Don’t waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money! 


It is important that Burbank residents also know this initiative will cost us nearly $6 MILLION dollars annually in YOUR TAXES to create and maintain this autonomous and unaccountable rent control board. Millions of dollars which our City can ill afford to spend at a time like this. In addition, it will reduce the supply of available housing, and, thereby, increase rents. If you’re not shocked by this news, then you should be. 

MY PROPOSAL: If we want more affordable housing in Burbank, then we must demand more housing. We must cut bureaucratic red tape and streamline the process to create more housing units. We need to update our specific plans for Downtown Burbank, and we must allow for smart, measured growth that is right for us! This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that more people have access to what is just and fair.


Ballot Measure RC Official Statement.PDF

Paid for by Paul Herman for Burbank City Council 2020

FPPC #: 1427543

P.O. Box 4038

Burbank, CA 91503

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